Thursday, August 20, 2009

One Day Ema!

It will rain
And you will unbound hair and wash it
In the slow dripping from the thatch
One day
The flowers will bloom
In your dark mystique bun
As if they were never plucked
One day
The wind will carry
The scent of your fresh steamed rice
Through the corners of this ravaged street
One day
They will come
Whom you have waited for so long
In this life or in this death
One day
The rainbow will color
The ashen shawl around your bosom
With your darling shades
One day
Your children will fling open
The eternally closed gates
With the calls Ema! Ema!
One day
The kites will fly
In your blue sky with tails of freedom
With no one to harness them with a string
One day
I will garland around your neck
The wreath so painstakingly woven
As you walk past the triumphant crowd
One day…
One day…