Thursday, November 18, 2010

To My Love

The moment you dethrone
That goddess in your heart
And replace it with me
Allow me to know
Let me taste it with a vengeance

The day when you wish to say
‘Let’s go home’
I am standing by
Ready to leave everything aside
To set forth hand in hand

When you want to let loose yourself
And swim in my wave
When you want to drown yourself
In the depth of me
Drunk with me
You just have to tell me

But never ask me where I go
In the midst of the dark night
Never ask me what I metamorphosed into
In the full moon light
Never ask me why
I vanish in those sullen evening
Never ask me to lock my doors
You never know when my wings burst forth
Never ask me to bind my hair
For my comrades trace me through its scent
My beloved!
Never ask me my revelation.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Nomads and their Caravans

Halt the advancing dreamlets
They only show the earthly
Hold the flapping winglets
They only tempt freedom
Hold the flooding starlets
They only drown souls
Halt the ticking timelets
The past is already brimming

Halt that story teller
That narrates my legend
Declining to be the heroin
I decide to join the caravans
Of nomads of this tribe of woman

Tonight as I decide to marry
I prepare my trousseau
These dreams; these wings
These stars; these ticking times

See my groom on the horizon
He who nonchalantly walks towards me
I have not seen him ever before
But I do know his gait,
I do know his hair ruffled by the fingers of wind
I do know his scent
Like drifting from fresh bamboo grooves
I do know he is the one who should be coming
Long lost; long foretold to be found
The long time ticks away
Sand’s last grain slips through my fist
Right here; right now
I am a bride all over again