Sunday, April 11, 2010

In the Kingdom of my Dreams

Oh miserable March,
Why spring everywhere
But not in my heart?
Why is that the death always stands in front of me
In March
How could have I not loved him
How could not I?
It was a tieless knot
An unnamed kingdom
My love belonged
There will never be a last line for him
Never a last sigh
Always and always
In the kingdom of my dreams
He is mine
In its rugged landscape
He walks free…
Free at least in my dreams


  1. Good one:).. just that instead of March....u could hv put any other name.. Its my birth month and the best one...0_o

  2. yep, its unstoppable the uninvited only at dreams...
    awesome one


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  4. Wonderful poem....though i dont know much to take the meaning but the flow is really good.....Keep it upp