Friday, April 22, 2011

Barren heartlands

Right here in this world
Right here on this earth

With old forgotten folk song on my lips
I have tilled your barren heart
Reaped the harvest of the land you left

I have broken down the forts made by them
I had no time to string a garland for you
Here I stand unadorned and unarmed unlike others

Right here in this world
Right here on this earth

In the crowd I am jostling to reach you
As you walked out of the prison
I swear they must have told you I am untouchable to you

Right here in this world
Right here on this earth
Your smile couriers my spring
Your tears announce my monsoon

There will be a time when I stand for trial nude under the blushing sun
That hour I shall not be judge with gazes

There must be skeleton of our words
Footprints of our voyages
Fossils of our nameless desires with its countless denials
In this lifetime I may not see the mountains washed away
That covered the relics of things  I call ours
Yet there are strings of echoes from beyond,
And you are the sole inhabitant of that kingdom beyond


  1. Good to see your poems long time back...want to lost amidst the cloud of dreams where I would not feel jealous of this material world...have been long time I have been made unreachable to my dreams of poems and untold I want to revive it back and make the spring visit again in my life

  2. yes, Chao,... I went to National Museum the other day. i saw a skeleton of indus valley civilisation, its atefacts..pottery, beads, bangles and jeweleries... i was just wondering those were once used by peoplewho lived 5,000 years ago or so. life seems too meaningless and brimming with meaning at the same time. what will our skeleton mean to a human who will excavate it some few thousand back? what meaning will it give except it is being given the the arsheologist of those era thousand years later...

  3. ..........Your smile couriers my spring
    Your tears announce my monsoon.......
    these two lines stuck in my heart n ask me an answer less Qn.... i used to hope a lot of unique poems from u che.