Monday, September 21, 2009

The Lost Scent

Tonight my bound hair
Has fallen astray in this prison
The scent of chenghi in my tresses
Has vanished among the stink of the wolves

The lost scent of my tresses
Torments me
The indelible marks of paws
On my bosom haunt me
In my dream-like-life
Oh my tresses, my comrades
For many a seasons
Somebody cut it this day
It is beyond my endurance
The remnants of stench
In my tresses; in my body

Ema, please cut my hair!
Ema, please peel my skin!


  1. Bhai, very good one.

    I just feel living life just the way you express in your poem; Just being myself without any boundary!!

  2. i remember the story you narrated... you have the knack of telling a heart breaking story beautifully.