Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Last Offering

On the bank of that river
We went to play with a shiver
On the pebbles of the shore
Its resplendent sand
We ran and sang
Stumbled upon a piece of bone
And I smiled for I knew
Someone’s smile have lost there
Drunk by the hungry sands
One tiny piece of fabric buried there
I smiled for I knew
Someone’s light of life melt into a whimper
Sucked by the thirty stones
Yet I smiled
What else could I offer?
Tears had abandoned my monotonous eyes
My wails no more fancy my throat
The frown on my brows
Betrayed me for a prettier one
And Look there! Walking away from me now
Is none but my ripped heart
Alas! What was left was my smile
The God there
The priest here
If something purest they seek
Seek it on my lips
To the bone; to the fabric
My last ceremony
Would be my smile
A virgin smile

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