Saturday, October 31, 2009

In Love

Your weedy canals
Your wayside flowers
Your unknown lady with the fishing net
Your faraway hill like a dream
In a misty morning
Your cool wind teasing me
Your highway like lines
In your destined palm
Your naked children
Playing in the ground
The suckling calf in the meadows
My heart slowly yields into loving you
What else could I feel?
Than an adoration for you
And I stand in awe
To watch you full day
To love you like no one ever did
For a day I pushed away
My daily dose of rebel
For an hour I froze
My frosty ideas
For a minute I muted
My acerbic speech
For a moment I freed
My willful muse
I left for a day
My love and its remnants
I seek no justice today
I fight for no right
Today I decided in just loving you
Today I decided in celebrating
Your victory over me
Today all yes
To your sunshine’s whims
Tonight all my love
To your moonlit night
Today all my heart
To your hill ranges
Today all my hopes
To all your people

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