Friday, November 27, 2009

Leishat Tamba (Blooming)

Chumbhrei mapaal shaare
Angaobagi yug oire
Shamu mamei tatle
Noknabagi matam oire
Shangbrei mapaal shaare
Lairembi haraobagi matam oire
Shamji nachom leishatle
Kenbagi matam oire
Thamoigi chingchepta lammei chaakle
Laaklaroidaba maabu ngaibagi matam oire


The peach blooms
It’s the age of doom
Gone is the elephant’s tail
It’s time for disdain
Shangbrei blooms
It’s time for carnival
The bunch in the bun blooms
It’s time for fallen flowers
The wildfire blooms in the slopes of hearts
It’s time to wait
For the one who will never come

1 comment:

  1. lovely the line
    thamoigi chingchjepta lammei chakle