Wednesday, November 11, 2009


My wayward mind
Thought the unthinkable
My willful heart
Sensed the un-senseable
My disobedient feet
Tread the un-walkable
My untamed lips
Spoke the un-speakable
My mischievous ears
Listened the un-listenable
My feral eyes
Saw the un-seeable
Yes untamed am I
With my heart out
Waiting for none
Telling to none
Asking to none
Alone all alone…
Let me search for Thoibi’s khwangchet
It must surely lie in that far fringe of Moirang
Let me search for the last adornment
Around Mainu Pemcha ’s neck
Let it be my last adornment this hour
Let me trace Paanthoibi’ s footsteps
And be one of her last metamorphosis
Let me search for a grain of Phouoibi
Just to drop it stealthily in the chengphu of my love
The mermaid would not stop swimming, even when
Her fins are etch
The sun would not stop climbing the mountain, even when
The height haunts it
The flowers will not stop blooming, even when
It’s long fallen
The birds would not stop flying, even when
Its wings are stolen
And I will not stop living, even when
I am long dead


  1. I like the way you bring out these local deities in this modern time,, so nicely weaved with the poem..
    i dont know i should call the deities or not..

  2. Your poem reminds me of Oprah Winfrey's word in her home production movie "Their eyes were watching the God"

  3. I am not an avid reader when it comes to poetry, but I must say that this is possible one of the most beautiful poems I have ever "stumbled" into. I could relate to it, and that rarely ever happens. :D